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CBs Spots.

A site for unique and exquisite restaurants, hotels and other secret spots worldwide.

My name is Sebastian Eilert. I am a Architect and Interior Designer with my practice, Sebastian Eilert Architecture, Inc., based in Miami, Florida (http://www.SebastianEilert.com).

I like to travel; a lot. When traveling however I prefer to stay away from large crowds, tourist spots and other crowded attractions. This carries through to the choice and location of hotels and restaurants, bars and other spots I like.

This site is a collection of the boutique hotels, hidden resorts, local hot spots and mom and pap restaurants I found. The spots are not selected by price, but rather by overall experience. A lot of the entries are quite expensive, but if they are here, I believe worth the money.

I encourage anyone with a similar taste and mindset to add their suggestions to the site. Each entry will have a description of what, where and why it is deemed worth the note. When possible a website link will be posted as well. Please follow the same format for new entries. Enjoy.

To prevent unwanted spam you will need a password to edit new entries. Please send an email to mailto:Sebastian@SebastianEilert.com to obtain it. Subject line: CBs Spots wiki. If you like to get a better idea about me and some of the local Green Building movement, take a look at my running blog. http://www.VillageGreenMan.com.

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in CB's Spots wiki. In order not to create an overwhelming and duplicating amount of pages some wiki words will stay in plural, such as "hotels" and "restaurants". You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.